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Now Available

Big Stick Willy's has created its very own cryptocurrency, ticker: BSW. Buy, trade and sell BSW today to be an early investor in our company's amazing journey. It's easy to obtain BSW, see the three steps below. 


Step 1: Create a Crypto Wallet

BSW is currently residing on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain with plans of eventually becoming a multichain token residing on not only binance but also ethereum, polygon and solana chains. Compatible wallets include Metamask, Trust Wallet, MathWallet, Binance Chain Wallet, among a a few others. We recommend utilizing Metamask which can be downloaded here. Make sure you write down and safely secure your wallet's 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase!


Step 2: Add Funds to Wallet

Once you have your secret phrase written down and secured, next you will need to configure your wallet and add funds. To configure your wallet please follow these instructions and add the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet to your wallet. After configuring your wallet, send any bep20 token to your wallet ie USDT, BNB, BUSD, etc. Now your wallet is funded!


Step 3: Buy, Sell & Trade BSW

Now simply click here and start buying, trading and selling the BSW token. 

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