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5 steps to getting an email response from Mark Cuban (screenshot inside)

In today’s sales world, one thing you must be aware of is communication style. More and more sales reps are gravitating towards email, which is effective….BUT….the issue becomes how to stand out amongst 350 reps contacting the same Decision Maker. If you want responses from the people who can shape your future- whether it be an important customer or prospective mentor - you need to cut through like a machete.

Here’s how you do it:

Brevity is key It’s 2021 and asking about the weather or saying I hope this email finds you well is trite and makes you look like an amateur. The key to getting a response is saying a lot with a few words. This is going to instantly separate you from other reps. Be straight and get to the point!

Timing is a MYTH If you haven’t realized by now, all of the blogs put out by Salesloft and Outreach about the ‘best time’ to send emails are bullshit. There is NO GOLDEN hour for email responses. You need to realize these people are just like you. They’re in front of their computer all day long, distracted by hundreds of unimportant slack messages and pretending to pay attention to zoom calls. SPEED is everything in business. Get the email over to them as soon as possible. If you have an attention-grabbing subject, they will open it. The subject line is equally if not more important than the content itself. A thoughtful, customized email is NOTHING if it doesn’t get opened. Stop worrying about the right time, nail your subject line, and send the message NOW.

Respect the gatekeeper Have you ever heard that how a CEO treats the janitor, shows a lot about their character? It’s the same with email. Whether you’re emailing the gatekeeper, head honcho, or marketing manager that keeps blocking you - your treatment needs to be EXACTLY the same. If you’re coming across sloppy and rude, you’re no different than the other reps and will be deleted.

Ask Intelligent Questions Too many sales reps are not students of the game. As soon as their shift ends, so does their passion. If you’re not thinking about your field, your questions will be weak and it will bleed through in your emails. The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your answers. Ask good questions, get good answers. Ask dumb questions, get ignored - plain and simple.

Stick with it In today’s noisy sales world you either evolve your strategy or get left behind. The most important part is that you keep learning and evolving. In business, whoever holds their breath the longest wins.

Challenge: Analyze the last email you mindlessly opened from H and M or Nevada adventures or anywhere else. How did it grab your attention? Now apply that strategy to your next subject line and attempt to email me,, with whatever is on your business mind.

Oh and if you’re curious about my company, or in the mood for insane mozzarella sticks, come visit! Speak to you soon,

Will Reynolds Owner/Founder - Big Stick Willy’s EST Post-Covid 2020 | NYC

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